Whether it’s stopping at the country’s only upside down stoplight (thanks to the Irish); climbing the largest indoor suspended ropes course (inside of Destiny USA, New York’s largest shopping, dining and entertainment center); tasting the country’s only gin made from distilled apples; getting down to a live band and finger-licking good BBQ (at the original Dinosaur Bar-B-Que); experiencing the downtown urban renaissance, escaping to the great outdoors, or even uncovering the many Syracuse inventions that helped to shape America (traffic signal and many more), Syracuse provides the platform for refreshing and inviting adventures.


Conveniently located in the center of the Northeast, New York State and the Central New York region, the Syracuse area draws visitors from all over the globe.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Serving as our gateway to the world is the Syracuse Hancock International Airport. With dozens of direct flights across the East Coast and Midwest your journey to Syracuse begins here. Located approximately seven miles from downtown Syracuse the airport serves roughly 2 million passengers annually.


Some recommendations for places to try while you’re in town, compiled by ‘Cuse Locals.

Check the websites/menus for fit with your preferences


On Campus

Everything “on Marshall Street” (on Marshall Street between S. Crouse Avenue and University Avenue) is decent for a quick meal (lunch or dinner). Here are my recommendations:

Bleu Monkey

Sweet Basil

Faegan’s Pub

Phoebe’s (not technically “on Marshall,” but on campus)


It’s about 1.5 miles to the heart of downtown, but well worth the trip if you are interested in getting to know Syracuse. Downtown is small (16x16 blocks), but packs in a ton of great restaurants and bars. If you want to go where the locals dine, walk down Walton Street (called the “Armory Square” area) and pop in somewhere that looks interesting – it’s all good! (Except for Syracuse Suds. I’m not kidding, don’t go there. If you do, don’t drink the beer they make. If you do, don’t blame me.)

Here are my recommendations:

Armory Square:

Empire Brewing Company

Modern Malt



Aster Pantry & Parlor

The York

Outside of Armory, but still downtown:

Prime Steakhouse

The Evergreen

Dinosaur BBQ

Apizza Regionale


Original Grain

Otro Cinco


Outside of Downtown/Campus

There are a handful of other restaurants that might pique your interest if downtown/campus doesn’t sound quite right. About a mile east of campus is called the Westcott area. It is a trendy little block. My recommendations there:

Alto Cinco

Beer Belly Deli



Many of the restaurant recommendations have good bars: Empire, Aster, York in particular. But there are a few additional bars worth mentioning, too:

Blue Tusk

Al’s Wine and Whiskey

Kitty Hoyne’s

Wolff’s Biergarten



Café Kubal is a good local option on University Avenue, a block north of the Sheraton (there’s a Starbucks near there, too). If you’re a coffee connoisseur and willing to travel for a good cup, try Recess (the location in Westcott is their flagship, but there’s a smaller one downtown that is good, too)


Syracuse is a pretty walkable place, but if you want to grab a taxi to head downtown, they’re pretty easy to find in Armory Square, or around the hotels. If you need to call for one, here are some numbers (I’ve only used Hunter and Suburban of these… they’re both acceptable. The others get acceptable reviews online):

CNY Green Taxi: 315-708-9654

Hunter Taxi: 315-436-8362

Quality Cabs: 315-706-8294

Suburban Taxi: 315-434-9999

Dependable Taxi: 315-422-1000


This list was put together by Laura VanderDrift, with help from basically everyone she knows in Syracuse. If you’re looking for something in particular, or you’re torn and can’t figure out what you’d like best, don’t risk it! Email Laura for a recommendation (